Fortum and Leanheat are developing Big Data based heating systems

Cooperation between Fortum and Leanheat is getting deeper. Companies are developing novel heating systems based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to cut the consumption and optimize the production of heating energy without compromising living conditions. The pilot project of “load shifting” has grown to a size of 40 properties … Read More

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Leanheat (Pandia Oy) was rated AAA and a Success 2015

Kauppalehti granted us a sertification called “Menestyjä” (meaning “successful”). Pandia was rated in the top category of all Finnish companies. The sertificate tells about our business’ stability, growth outlook, profitability and so on. Earlier we were also rated in AAA class by Bisnode and Asiakastieto. Good stuff!    

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