Danfoss invests in advanced energy optimization company Leanheat

Press release: The investment will allow Danfoss to further strengthen its position in the global market for Multi-Family Houses and District Heating Systems. Danfoss and Leanheat have announced an agreement for Danfoss to acquire 23% of privately-held Leanheat (subsidiary of Pandia Oy), a Finnish service-as–a-business developer and provider of analytics based energy optimization … Read More

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Leanheat is an “Achiever 2016” and a “Growth company 2016”

A couple of years ago started the so called “Great Leanheat Pilot”. In the beginning we had 3000 apartments installed. Back then our terminology was actually laughed at: “That’s not a pilot – that’s a Business!”, said someone at Slush. Today we have over 10 000 apartments installed and we are growing fast! … Read More

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