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Danfoss invests in advanced energy optimization company Leanheat

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Danfoss and Leanheat have announced an agreement for Danfoss to acquire 23% of privately-held Leanheat (subsidiary of Pandia Oy), a Finnish service-as–a-business developer and provider of analytics based energy optimization services for Multi-Family Houses and District Heating Systems.

Leanheat is an “Achiever 2016” and a “Growth Company 2016”

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A couple of years ago started the so called “Great Leanheat Pilot”. In the beginning we had 3000 apartments installed. Back then our terminology was actually laughed at: “That’s not a pilot – that’s a Business!”, said someone at Slush. Today we have over 10 000 apartments installed and we are growing fast! Our growth is […]

We’re hiring: Marketing Manager and Account Manager

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We’re looking for a Marketing and Communications Manager to take our global marketing to the next level. We’re also looking for an Account Manager to strengthen our team to deliver superior service for our Finnish customers. Take a look at the job descriptions (in Finnish) by clicking the links above – and send an application!



Current way of heating multifamily buildings is inefficient

Of all consumed energy around 10-15% is used to heat apartments. 10-20% of this could be saved by avoiding overheating and by reducing imbalance between apartments. This saving taken to all multifamily houses just in Finland would free the energy output of a nuclear reactor - and there are 99 times more multifamily units just in the rest of Europe.


Existing solutions are expensive –  potential left untapped

Up to 75% of multifamily buildings’ heating systems are inadequately balanced. Existing tools have relied on one-time measurements providing only temporary relief - in time the benefits fade away. With permanent measurement these problems could be avoided, but the expenses and manual work required has been too much.


Artificial Intelligence optimizes buildings and heat production

Leanheat AI is used to optimally control building HVAC systems. Leanheat improves living conditions, minimizes maintenance work and at the same time saves 10-20% in energy consumption within a short payback period. Around 15 000 apartments are already in Leanheat control and maintenance of which 3000 in dhc demand response.

Leanheat has been developed in close cooperation with Finnish real estate owners and energy companies.

taavarakotka mestarit_logoea_logo_leanheatleanheat_fortumleanheat_st1tekesleanheat_cleantech

The energy wasted in heating alone in Finland is more than the output of a nuclear reactor. And there are 99x more multifamily houses just in the rest of Europe.



Of all the energy consumed in Europe, about 10-15% is used to heat residential buildings. In many geographies heating expenses take up a significant chunk of all running costs.

Based on research even 75 percent of residential buildings have imbalance related problems in heating. When out of balance, apartments in the same building have great variance in living conditions – one apartment can be too hot to live in while others are too cold.

To ensure adequate living conditions, buildings have to be heated so that none of the apartments get too cold. In buildings with imbalance (which is 75% of all houses) extra heating results in overheated apartments.

On average the buildings are 3 degrees (C) too hot. Each added degree adds 5-8% to heat consumption.

By optimizing building imbalance and dynamically adjusting building heating systems, energy consumption can be reduced by 20% while at the same time improving living conditions.

In Finland 20 % savings in multifamily houses translates to 4,6 TWh energy saving, which is more than the energy output of Loviisa’s nuclear reactor #1 in the year 2012 (3,65 TWh). The amount of multifamily houses in the rest of Europe is 99 times more.

Regardless of evident saving potential, no solutions with good ROI exist



Currently available energy saving solutions have high TCOs – The saved energy doesn’t show on the bottom line.

The less expensive solutions forget the indoor temperatures and imbalance resulting in savings at the expense of living conditions.When inhabitants vote with their feet, the energy savings pale in comparison to costs of new tenant acquisition.

Many of existing solutions are one-time deals, working for a while but failing to adapt to changes. Buildings are renovated, inhabitants move in and out and even the climate varies. As time goes on, the savings disappear, unless the manager continuously monitors them.

The only solution for permanent savings is continuous and extensive monitoring. But people do not have time to do this manually.

Most solutions dismiss existing housing stock and focus on new construction, evidently to make installation economically feasible. This leaves out the 99% of building stock that is not new.

In Finland renewal rate is 1% per year, so most of the buildings standing today are standing there still in 2050. The major saving potential is in the existing stock, but solutions to deliver the savings with good ROI do not exist.

Leanheat is a novel IoT-solution that delivers 10-20% savings as well as optimized dhc energy production through demand response. Cost effectively and consistently, year after year. Retrofitted to the 99% of the stock that has been already built.



Leanheat is based on artificial intelligence built based on data collected from vast sensor network inside the building.

The distinctive behavior of each building is learned and used to optimally control building HVAC systems. Leanheat intelligently adapts to changes in buildings, such as renovations etc.

In addition to saving energyimproving living conditions, the AI based control (patent-pending) automates technical maintenance tasks and minimizes failures and their mean time to repair.

With Leanheat you send the right guy with the right tools to fix a specific problem with no need to extra measurements and analysis.

Leanheat enables a novel fine tuning approach to fixing building temperature imbalance, resulting in savings without reduction in living conditions.

Around 15 000 apartments are already in Leanheat control and maintenance. Our goal is to achieve 10-20% savings in energy consumption with payback of ~3 years.

Leanheat has been developed in close cooperation with Finnish real estate owners and energy companies.

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Pandia Oy is a software and service company specialized in real estate analytics and reporting. Since 2007 we have developed and commercialized several software solutions. Today around 200 000 apartments are managed with our products. Leanheat Oy is a subsidiary of Pandia Oy.


Tomi Silvonen, CEO – Säätölaitehuolto Ltd

The project brings totally new value to measurement data. This can be used for bringing customers new and valuable information. Building automation is about to be re-invented.

- Tomi Silvonen, CEO – Säätölaitehuolto Ltd
Jukka Aho, CEO – Leanheat Oy

When information is continuously gathered from thousands of apartments, the results can’t anymore be based on coincident. In addition to Finland the concept can be used in any country with centrally heated building base. Therefore we aim for strong international growth.

- Jukka Aho, CEO – Leanheat Oy
Olli-Pekka Piironen – TA-Asumisoikeus Ltd

Continuous and extensive sensoring results in huge amount of new data. We believe that while machines do all the analysing, we can efficiently realise the savings potential.

- Olli-Pekka Piironen – TA-Asumisoikeus Ltd