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Better indoor climate with less energy and maintenance costs
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  • Good indoor climate with minimal energy usage
  • Up to 10–20% savings with smart heating control
  • Up to 30% savings in technical maintenance costs
  • Proven results in over 15,000 apartments

Save energy with Artificial Intelligence

Traditional heating systems fail to adjust to changing weather or the thermodynamic properties of the building. This results in overheating and poor indoor conditions. At the same time heating systems are inadequately balanced in up to 75% of multifamily buildings.

You can save 10–20% of a typical building’s energy cost. Sensors installed in apartments enable Leanheat’s Artificial Intelligence to learn the building’s thermodynamic behavior and to optimally control the HVAC system. Heating is always optimized regardless of changes in weather or in building’s properties that change as buildings age. Together with proactive finetunings Leanheat provides permanent energy efficiency to all multifamily buildings.

Use cheaper energy by avoiding power peaks

Often consuming less is not the only way to cut energy costs. The capacitive properties of buildings can be exploited to use them as energy batteries. Leanheat shifts your consumption of energy to periods when it is the most economical to use.

Leanheat can reduce the maximum power usage by 10–30% without compromising living comfort. Experience from Finland shows that a 20% cut in peak power requirement typically means 3–10% savings in addition to savings in energy consumption. Artificial Intelligence learns the consumption profile of hot domestic water and adjusts the heating to charge and discharge energy accordingly. This balances the building’s power usage and also contributes to a greener world.

Savings in maintenance costs

Humidity problems in apartments may result in structural damage that is expensive to repair. Likewise, malfunctions of the heating system should be fixed before anything actually breaks down.

Leanheat results in up to 30% savings in site technical maintenance costs by providing accurate predictive problem detection. The AI-based control automates technical maintenance tasks while minimizing failures, repair times and site visits. With Leanheat, you can send the right team with the right tools to fix a specific problem with no need for extra measurements or analysis.

Better indoor climate for residents

Changing indoor temperatures and humidity problems are often reasons for uncomfortable living conditions and may even be a threat to the residents’ health.

Unlike many competing energy efficiency systems that simply lower temperatures, Leanheat proactively maintains the desired indoor conditions. Humidity data from the apartment sensors is used to ensure sufficient ventilation and to proactively notify about potential risks and malfunctions. When Leanheat delivers the optimal temperature and humidity levels, you can improve your residents’ satisfaction.

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