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For building owners

  • Better indoor climate with less energy

  • Quick payback in energy savings

  • Up to 30% savings in maintenance

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For district heating companies

  • Peak power demand down by 20%

  • Advanced demand response

  • Eliminate hydronic bottlenecks

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Benefits for residents

  • Enjoy good indoor climate

  • Stable, comfortable temperature

  • Lower CO2 emissions from heating

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Case Asokodit

Case study

Case Järvenpään Mestariasunnot

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Leanheat is an “Achiever 2016” and a “Growth company 2016

A couple of years ago started the so called “Great Leanheat Pilot”. In the beginning we had 3000 apartments installed. Back then our terminology was actually laughed at: “That’s not a pilot – that’s a Business!”, said someone at Slush. Today we have over 10 000 apartments installed and we … Read More


St1 and Leanheat in cooperation – smarter geothermal heat with artificial intelligence

St1 together with Leanheat is delivering smarter and more efficient geothermal heat. Contact us for further information or see the Finnish press release below! Lehdistötiedote 11.4.2016 St1 Lähienergia ja Leanheat kehittävät yhteistyössä tekoälyyn pohjautuvaa maalämpöratkaisua. Ratkaisussa maalämpöpumput ja niiden lämmittämät tilat anturoidaan ja kerättyjä tietoja hyödynnetään pumpun ohjauksessa Leanheatin tekoälyn avulla. Asiakas … Read More


Fortum and Leanheat are developing Big Data based heating systems

Cooperation between Fortum and Leanheat is getting deeper. Companies are developing novel heating systems based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to cut the consumption and optimize the production of heating energy without compromising living conditions. The pilot project of “load shifting” has grown to a size … Read More

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Artificial intelligence balances the power needs

We at Leanheat keep talking about artificial intelligence. It is a smart way of handling the cutting of peak power loads. We are also utilising the possibilities provided by the Internet of Things. The IoT solutions we have developed can be used for decreasing the peak power demand by utilising … Read More

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