• Better indoor climate with less energy

  • Quick payback in energy savings

  • Up to 30% savings in maintenance

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  • Peak power demand down by 20%

  • Advanced demand response

  • Eliminate hydronic bottlenecks

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  • Enjoy good indoor climate
  • Stable, comfortable temperature

  • Lower CO2 emissions from heating

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Helsinki Energy Challenge: A Hot Heart in a Cool City

Hot Heart – a series of islands with the dual function of storing thermal energy storage and serving as a hub for recreational activities – has won the Helsinki Energy Challenge, which aims to decarbonize the heating system of the Finnish capital by 2030. The project was developed by CRA-Carlo … Read More


Leanheat solution lowers the energy consumption for Malmegårds Fastigheter

Malmegårds Fastighets AB has since the autumn of 2019 implemented a modern and innovative control system, which regulates the heat supply to the building by indoor temperature instead of traditionally controlling by outdoor temperature. By developing the existing control system, the energy optimization service Leanheat has helped Malmegårds to minimize … Read More


Leanheat grows trees as a Christmas present

As last year, Leanheat’s Christmas present in 2020 is a piece of woodland. Working in close collaboration with Puuni Oy, the company plants saplings that will serve as efficient carbon sinks as they grow. A 3.5 hectare plot of land in Suonsaari, Mikkeli, features a copse of sturdy saplings of … Read More

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Making the economic recovery from coronavirus a sustainable one

COVID-19 has changed the global landscape. Business-as-usual no longer exists and organizations are adapting the way they carry out their work. We have ourselves taken safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues, but also to continuously operate and serve our customers. Since the beginning of the Leanheat journey, … Read More


Year of Growth 2019

A year ago, around this same time, I named the year 2018 “The Year of Success”. To continue the tradition, the year 2019 will be named “The Year of Growth”. Almost in a blink of the eye, we have grown into a big work community of over 50 people. At … Read More


Digitalisation has come home

We attended this year’s European Utility Week in Amsterdam and it is easy to see the trend there. Digitalisation is inevitably coming to influence your home's energy management. The drivers are clear – people are more and more interested in energy efficency and better indoor climate and there are affordable … Read More

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