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Leanheat is one of the Slush TOP100 most promising companies

We are proud to inform that Leanheat was selected to Slush TOP100 most promising early stage companies. The list features 100 most promising early-stage companies attending Slush 2014. Slush is a worldwide start-up event organized in Helsinki this November. The goal of the conference is to get start-up entrepreneurs and investors under the same roof.

Leanheat concept is developed by technology companies Pandia Oy and Si-Tecno Oy with three pilot companies from Finnish real estate industry (Avara, TA-Asumisoikeus, Kotkan Asunnot). The project aims for 20% permanent heating energy savings as well as improved comfort of living in multifamily houses. The concept is currently piloted in 4000 apartments all over Finland. The project is the first of its kind in the world. Key features of Leanheat are inexpensive retrofitting possibility, Si-Tecno wireless sensor network with 100% coverage and above all automatic data mining tools.

One half of the savings are achieved by adjusting central heating systems based on measured indoor temperature data of each apartment. This not only saves a lot of energy, but also improves the comfort through consistent living conditions. The other half of the savings is based on automated data mining. Based on research 75% of all multifamily houses are imbalanced and thus overheated. Each overheated temperature degree increases energy consumption by 5–8%. Just in Finland the savings potential exceeds the energy output of a nuclear reactor. In the rest of Europe there are 99x more multifamily houses, so the total market potential is huge.

“Continuous and extensive measurement results in a huge amount of data. Even if we had had this kind of data available earlier, we wouldn’t have had the manpower to analyze it. Leanheat let’s machines gather and analyze the data. Therefore personnel just have to decide which of the automatically proposed action points should be carried out”, says Olli-Pekka Piironen from pilot partner TA-Asumisoikeus.

”Our goal is to provide our customers with comfortable living conditions at a reasonable cost. We believe that this project will help us fight against the constant increase in energy costs.”, continues the real estate director Mika Savolainen from pilot partner Avara.

“When information is continuously gathered from thousands of apartments, the results can’t anymore be based on coincident. Reliable measurements in large scale allow new data mining methods and the use of novel automation based savings. In addition to Finland the concept can be used in any country with centrally heated building base. Therefore we aim for strong international growth.”, says the CEO Jukka Aho from Pandia.

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Pandia Oy on is a software company specialized in real estate analytics. Since 2007 we have developed and commercialized several software solutions that are today used to manage 100 000 apartments and 5 billion of capital. Pandia’s network and strong competence in analytics and real estate industry are key issues in commercializing Leanheat concept.

Si-Tecno Oy is a company specialized in building automation and sensor technology. Si-Tecno was founded in 1987.