The Finnish district heating company Savon Voima has announced a service for its clients which utilises a solution by Leanheat. The Lämpötalkkari service of Leanheat’s new partner offers housing companies an artificial intelligence based management solution for heat consumption. The solution enables housing companies to obtain a more stable indoor temperature while saving energy.

Our new service adjusts the heating in accordance with the temperature in the apartments and the individual properties of the building. It also takes the weather forecast into consideration and adjusts the heating in advance. This means that the apartments will not be overheated in any situation,͟ says Aku Hiltunen, Service Manager at Savon Voima.

The district heating company’s new product is based on Leanheat’s artificial intelligence which considers any changes and operates flexibly during power consumption peaks. This will decrease the costs of district heating.

The housing company’s peak power demand will decrease, and so will the power costs, Hiltunen says.

Being able to reduce power peaks also assists in protecting the environment. At Savon Voima, the peak loads will need to be compensated for by burning oil at the standby or peak-power plants, whereas otherwise Savon Voima is able to produce nearly all of its district heat using the region’s local bioenergy sources.

Savon Voima produces district heat for almost 25,000 homes in 13 municipalities in Eastern Finland, and the operational reliability and dependability of Leanheat’s solution was seen as extremely important.

In selecting our cooperation partner, we placed a lot of weight on the fact that the technology is already widely established and tested,͟ Hiltunen says.

Leanheat’s artificial intelligence solution, based on IoT, the Internet of Things, has been in development for several years. So far, the solution has already been installed in 25,000 apartments.