• Leanheat, Smart building control and maintenance powered by IoT

Junior Developer

Hanna Laurila·2018-09-11T14:33:25+00:002.5.2018|

Leanheat R&D team is looking for rising stars to support the development of our solution which is being adopted all around the world. Come help us build and run the system that has already shown the potential to help save the environment and improve the living comfort of millions of people.

You’ll get to learn and become adept in relevant technologies such as Clojure, JavaScript / React, PostgreSQL, AWS infrastructure, Docker and IoT sensors as you learn and start contributing to and help operate our stack.

We expect you to

  • have experience in at least one programming language
  • be interested in learning Clojure (and the rest of our stack)
  • have the ability to work both independently and as a part of a team

We appreciate if you

  • have prior work experience as programmer or
  • have hobby programming projects or have for example participated in open source projects
  • have experience with JavaScript and SQL


Apply by sending your application and CV or LinkedIn profile by email to programmers@leanheat.com
We will fill the position as soon as we find the right candidate.