In the fight against the climate change even small actions in different fronts takes us to the right direction towards a cleaner future. This Christmas we have used our gift budget for obtaining a carbon sink produced by Puuni Ltd.

Suonsaari carbon sink, located in city of Mikkeli Finland, will offset 200 thousand kilograms CO2 during next hundred years by growth of 600 tree plants. The amount of CO2 equals over million kilometers mileage by car or about 230 return flights between Helsinki and New York. The Suonsaari carbon sink will be commenced in spring 2020 by reforestation of former farmland which doesn’t support a growth of trees naturally due to excess growth of hay


Puuni Ltd. is a Finnish based company with a single purpose – removing CO2 from the atmosphere. We create new carbon sinks in Finland by reforestation and we do it jointly with municipalities. All our reforestation is done to unused lands where trees do not grow naturally. Forest’s natural biodiversity is part of all our carbon sinks.

With Puuni, companies get a transparent, easily understandable and an efficient way to compensate.

The most important requirement for a credible carbon compensation is additionality of the carbon sinks, meaning that removal of CO2 would not occur “in any case”. Puuni’s carbon sinks are made by reforestation and do locate in municipalities’ owned waste lands, former farmland, land fill hills and highway noise barriers, places where strong hay growth prevents natural forestation. Planting and caretaking of a new forest will also create jobs in our partner municipalities. Puuni plants only the number of trees that is equal the amount of compensated CO2 by companies. If compensation does not take place, no CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere – making the additionality event stronger.

All Puuni’s reforestation projects do consider the biodiversity, offering ecological niches for large variety of different mammal, bird and insect species, and are resilient against tree diseases enduring global warming.

Our carbon sinks have a permanence of 100 years and in best cases, municipalities turn them in to natural reserves.

The amount of CO2 removed from atmosphere is calculated by Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) by calculating the growth of biomass using Motti-simulator and by calculating the soil carbon storage change using Yasso-model (both are modern state-of-art calculation models). LUKE’s knowledge about boreal forests is world’s leading. The project description of Puuni’s carbon sinks are documented according to Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry (LULUCF) Guidance for GHG Project Accounting.