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Customer cases


Case Espoon Asunnot

Espoon Asunnot, a housing company that owns approximately 15,000 apartments in Espoo, Finland, was one of the first to begin utilising the Leanheat concept in 2015. Since… Read More


Case Järvenpään Mestariasunnot

Järvenpään Mestariasunnot Oy, which owns approximately 2,000 flats in the area of Järvenpää, has used the Leanheat concept in the maintenance of its real estate since 2014.… Read More


Case Asokodit

Asuntosäätiö Asokodit is one of the largest housing owners in Finland, owning close to 17,000 homes in 31 localities in Finland. Asokodit adopted the Leanheat concept in 2016.… Read More

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