A healthier, more comfortable apartment at a lower cost
  • Stable temperature and humidity
  • Savings in heating
  • Lower building maintenance cost
  • Lower carbon footprint

A healthier apartment at a lower cost

What if your apartment had a system that optimized your living comfort and health while cutting energy and maintenance costs? Leanheat is a solution for balancing your building’s heating  system. Its sensors send temperature and humidity information to the Leanheat system, which optimizes energy efficiency. The result: permanent energy efficiency and more comfortable living conditions.

Better indoor climate

Your apartment’s relative humidity should stay in the range of 30 to 40%. It should never exceed 45% because then there’s the chance of humidity damage to the building – and the growth of mould and mildew in your apartment, a serious health risk. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, it may cause symptoms in asthmatic and allergic people. Leanheat measures both the temperature and the humidity in your apartment. If it detects values above optimal, the system automatically alerts a maintenance team about the matter.

Lower energy bills

Leanheat automatically and continuously optimizes your building’s heating system. This leads to efficient usage of heating energy provided by your local district heating company. Based on our experience, typical savings in building heating costs are 10%. To you as a resident, this translates into lower monthly utility bills.

Your building in better shape

Leanheat provides more accurate and predictive problem detection than traditional HVAC control systems. This leads to savings in building maintenance expenses, reflected in your living costs. For example, Leanheat detects if the humidity level in your apartment has risen above acceptable values and sends an alarm to maintenance so they can immediately take corrective action.

A contribution to the environment

Leanheat-connected buildings allow the district heating company to use up to 20% less power at peak hours. Less power means less CO2 emissions. While you won’t even notice this happening, owning an apartment in a Leanheat building assures you you’re making a contribution to minimizing the environmental impact of city life.

Is your building management aware of these benefits?

If you don’t think so, download a brochure here and make them aware of the benefits of Leanheat to both the building management and to residents.