Making the economic recovery from coronavirus a sustainable one

COVID-19 has changed the global landscape. Business-as-usual no longer exists and organizations are adapting the way they carry out their work. We have ourselves taken safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues, but also to continuously operate and serve our customers. Since the beginning of the Leanheat journey, as a 5 … Read More

Jukka Aho·2020-06-10T10:47:35+03:0010.6.2020|

Year of Growth 2019

A year ago, around this same time, I named the year 2018 “The Year of Success”. To continue the tradition, the year 2019 will be named “The Year of Growth”. Almost in a blink of the eye, we have grown into a big work community of over 50 people. At the same time, … Read More

Hanna Laurila·2020-02-03T14:44:23+02:003.2.2020|

Digitalisation has come home

We attended this year’s European Utility Week in Amsterdam and it is easy to see the trend there. Digitalisation is inevitably coming to influence your home's energy management. The drivers are clear – people are more and more interested in energy efficency and better indoor climate and there are affordable technologies on the … Read More

Vesa Jaakkola·2017-11-03T11:47:51+02:0031.10.2017|

In Sweden, district heating provides an opportunity to protect the environment

A few weeks ago, we visited Stockholm to speak with local operators about making the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence available also to that area’s district heating companies and users. There is clear demand in Sweden – Swedes see highly developed district heating as an opportunity to protect the environment. According to Svensk … Read More

Vesa Jaakkola·2017-11-21T14:51:17+02:0022.6.2017|

Intelligent utilisation could save up to a third of the peak power in district heating

According to researchers, intelligent control of heat use in district heating grids could decrease peak power by up to a third, without having to compromise on consumer comfort. A while ago, we were in Austria getting acquainted with local research. Austrian researchers are interested in district heat, because they see the possibilities in … Read More

Vesa Jaakkola·2017-11-21T14:50:22+02:005.6.2017|

Legislation requires district heating companies to improve their energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is being encouraged in all the EU countries. The background for this is an EU directive that forces each member state to improve their energy efficiency. The goals have been determined in the EU, but the individual member countries can decide on the implementation methods themselves. In Austria, district heating companies … Read More

Vesa Jaakkola·2017-11-21T15:58:04+02:009.5.2017|

Artificial intelligence balances the power needs

We at Leanheat keep talking about artificial intelligence. It is a smart way of handling the cutting of peak power loads. We are also utilising the possibilities provided by the Internet of Things. The IoT solutions we have developed can be used for decreasing the peak power demand by utilising the heat retained … Read More

Vesa Jaakkola·2017-11-21T15:57:24+02:003.5.2017|
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