Leanheat is a turnkey IoT solution that upgrades building HVAC systems for the digital age.
  • Company founded in 2016
  • System installed in 180,000 apartments
  • Strong international partners
  • A pioneer in digital HVAC efficiency
  • Scalable and hardware-independent solution for all metering needs

The story of Leanheat

Leanheat’s development began in 2011. The first sites with Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies were taken into use in 2013. And officially Leanheat as a company was founded in 2016. Since then, growth has been vigorous. Leanheat is now installed in around 180,000 apartments. It is the world’s largest IoT solution for collective heating.

Fully automated and self-learning, Leanheat’s solution provides real-time optimization not only for individual buildings, but entire clusters of apartment buildings – while at the same time giving the opportunity for district heating companies to serve their customers more efficiently and with a smaller carbon footprint.

We work in collaboration with industry pioneers such as Fortum and Danfoss. Piloted in Finland with its harsh climate conditions, we are now looking at rapid international expansion.

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