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Decarbonizing heating and cooling – Sustainable and Smart Solutions for Clean Air

Heat consumption accounts for over 50% of total final energy consumption globally. This means, that decarbonizing heat is a must for carbon-free energy system. Heating is without

doubt a major issue in the cold countries, however, heat consumption is high also in several others due to industries and need to heat water. In developing countries open fires are used when cooking food.

Until now modern renewables, including fuels and renewable electricity and excluding certain biofuel usage in developing countries, account only 9 % of global heat consumption. Approximately 75 % of heat consumption is produced by fossil and other non-renewable energy sources. Cooling demand is growing fast, even in Nordic Countries. There are innovative and sustainable solutions for smart cities to cover the cooling demand.

The Nordic countries are on the top of the list of high renewables share in heat production. New innovations and policies are enabling even higher share of clean energy in heating and cooling systems, also in some cases integrated to the electricity system in the future.

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Panel with three presentations

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