Cut your peak load, eliminate bottlenecks and make energy efficiency your business
  • Cut peak load by 20%
  • Eliminate hydronic bottlenecks in the grid
  • Optimal production with demand response
  • Make energy efficiency your business
  • Scalable and hardware independent solution for all metering needs

Cut peak load by 20%

Leanheat cuts 20% off your peak load demand and you can meet needs of 25% more customers with your existing peak load capacity. Leanheat makes this possible using patent pending technology to optimize the power consumption of multifamily buildings.

To achieve the results, apartments are equipped with sensors and building heating systems controlled with Leanheat artificial intelligence. Installation is simple and easy to maintain. In 2017 Leanheat Peak Load optimization was delivered to over 35,000 apartments with a proven reduction of approximately 20% to peak loads.

Eliminate hydronic bottlenecks anywhere in the grid

Every now and then hydronic bottlenecks appear in district heating grids. They prevent optimal energy production and the addition of new customers. Bottlenecks are hard and expensive to fix, often requiring replacement of undersized pipes in the ground.

With Leanheat you can avoid digging up the pipes by equipping multifamily buildings around the bottleneck with Leanheat. Leanheat optimizes the energy consumption of the buildings so that bottlenecks can be averted, giving you time to plan grid investments without constant pressure.

Make energy efficiency your business

In many countries around the Europe it is compulsory for the district heat provider to reduce energy consumption in the grid. By equipping buildings with Leanheat you can achieve energy efficiency targets and at the same time make energy efficiency your business.

With Leanheat, you get important access to the secondary side of energy consumption, enabling you to provide new services and products to your customers.

Optimal production with demand response

Leanheat turns the buildings in the grid into virtual power plants that can be optimized like any part of your production. You save in fuel costs, can shut down backup plants, reduce the need for network maintenance and improve fault tolerance. Leanheat provides your network operators with a very accurate estimation of energy consumption, enabling you to make better production decisions.

Leanheat demand response is easy to maintain and automatically safeguards resident satisfaction. Leanheat demand response is production level technology that has been in operation in thousands of apartments since 2014.

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