Leanheat in media

  • The Earnout | 2019 in Review
    by FireMatter on 3.1.2020

    Our curated list of the year’s most notable digital M&A deals.half of its ownership stakes to Danfoss in 2016. To date, LeanHeat has been commercially deployed in Finland, Denmark, Sweden,...

  • Leanheat makes buildings smart
    on 11.6.2019

    In Europe, 30 percent of all energy consumption goes to heat or cool buildings. Danfoss has the solution to lower energy usage and improve...had the Leanheat software installed. The global energy company, Fortum, headquartered in Helsinki, has integrated the Leanheat software

  • Danfoss acquires remaining shares in Leanheat
    on 7.5.2019

    Danfoss has taken over the full ownership of Finnish startup company Leanheat Oy specialized in the optimization of heating in centrally..., CEO Leanheat”. In 2016, Danfoss partnered with and invested in Leanheat Oy and Danfoss has continuously increased its shares in Leanheat.

  • Sustainability in the built environment: MI-3 fosters global innovation
    by www.switchautomation.com on 16.4.2019

    matched by Iceland in the region. This has given rise to companies like Leanheat, a Finnish pioneer in digital HVAC efficiency, with an IoT

  • 0G World - Monitoring The Heat
    on 16.4.2019

    understand all the complex science behind it. All you need to do is to put a sensor on a wall, turn it on and let the data flow. Connected Finland’s and Leanheat’s successful use of Sigfox 0G technology is putting the Finns ahead of the game w

    on 5.2.2019
  • Top 6 Energy-efficient heating startups
    on 4.2.2019

    Leanheat aims to use artificial intelligence to improve climate control in multi-family buildings.

  • Leanheat smartens up building management
    on 16.1.2019

    Good indoor climate meets minimal energy consumption at Finnish tech company Leanheat. The company wants to put an energy-efficient end to...buildings. “We make buildings smarter,” says Jukka Aho, CEO at Leanheat. “In particular, we focus on the control and maintenance of heating and ventilation in centrally heated properties.” Leanheat’s system (also called Leanheat

  • Artificial intelligence provides comfort for residents in 100,000 apartments
    on 20.12.2018

    An important milestone has been reached this year, now that the solution from Danfoss partner, Leanheat, has been installed in 100,000...services that Danfoss partner, Leanheat, delivers to district heating utility companies and building owners. And this year marks an important milestone for Leanheat, which now provides comfortable heating to residents in 100,000 apartme